Goodman 8 Kw / Amana (HKR-08/HKR-08C) Electric Strip Heater With Circuit Breaker Option




SKU: BUD99102

Product Description

HKR Electric Heat Kits are made for Goodman Brand Air Handlers and Packaged Electric Units. These heat kits have built-in overcurrent protection, nickel chromium heat elements and are controlled by sequencers for better temperature control.
Standard Features:

  • Mutliple branch circuit capability
  • Completely assembled and tested
  • Built-in overcurrent protection on all units (As indicated in the electrical data)
  • Control circuit arranged to readily permit staging
  • Factory-installed circuit breakers available on specific models (See electrical data)
  • Fuse link secondary high-temperature limit control
  • Plug-in wiring harness for easy installation into Air Handler
  • Rust-resistant nickel chromium heat elements
  • ETL Listed
  • Fits Older Style Goodman Air handlers-ARUF1824,ARUF3030,ARUF3636,ARUF4860
  •      Fits all GPC,GPH,APC,APH Packaged Units  



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