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An all-in-one package unit is a packaged HVAC system that includes both a heating and a cooling unit, as well as an air handler, if necessary. There are many different types of all-in-one package units, including heat pump package units, gas-electric units (also known as gas packs) hybrid and dual fuel systems, and more.

Buying an all-in-one packaged unit can save you and your family more than just money.

All in One Package Units: Convenience, Space, and Cost Savings

Gas packs contain a unit that provides for gas heating along with an electric air conditioner. Heat pump package units contain a heat pump (which provides for both electric heating and cooling) although these can be paired with more powerful has conditioners or even with gas furnaces, especially in cold climates.

All-in-one package systems, whether they contain a packaged heat pump or a packaged air conditioner and gas furnace, contain everything you need to heat your home or business. Many of these systems bundle all of the components into one cabinet, which saves space, whether inside or outside of your home.

In addition, you often have the choice of where you want to station the system. These packaged systems can often be installed at ground level but sometimes they can be located in crawl spaces, basements, or even in attics or on rooftops.

The purchase of an energy-efficient packaged gas, electric, hybrid unit, or heat pump can also save you money down the line. Buy an all-in-one system and half of the planning is done for you – it’s a bundled solution to heat and air condition your home!